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Which languages does BLOCKS support?

BLOCKS operating system interface is available in the following languages:

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese and Chinese.

What is BLOCKS support like for iOS vs Android companion devices?
Almost all features of BLOCKS are available for use with both iOS and Android companion devices. Users will be unable to use Canned Responses on iOS devices, but we are working on a way to add this feature.
What is the battery life of BLOCKS?
BLOCKS has a 350mAh battery size, which offers up to 60 hours in standby. Battery life will vary based on usage.
Is BLOCKS waterproof?

BLOCKS is water and dust resistant, which means that washing your hands, sweat or rain will not damage the device.

However, due to the dynamic connectors, it is strongly recommended to avoid showering, swimming or submerging your device.

What warranty period does my BLOCKS device have?
Your BLOCKS warranty will protect you from defects for 12 months from date of shipment. If you experience a defect with the device and wish to return your BLOCKS smartwatch, please contact BLOCKS before the end of 6 month period of your warranty to arrange the return of your device with a valid receipt.
Where does BLOCKS ship from?
BLOCKS ship from our warehouse in Hong Kong. This means that you will be charged taxes based on shipments coming from HK and thus UK consumers will still have to pay import tax and any duties. Import fees, VAT and customs duties vary by geography and unfortunately, BLOCKS are therefore unable to help with fee calculations.
When will BLOCKS ship to pre-order customers?

We estimate that shipping will begin in Q1 of 2018. Pre-orders will be shipped approximately one month after we have delivered to our Kickstarter backers.

Please note that shipping estimates are subject to change.

Does the BLOCKS price include import charges?
No, BLOCKS store price does not include import fees, VAT or custom duties.
Please see our full pre-order terms and conditions here.
What are module casings made of?
Premium polycarbonate with a soft-touch, hypoallergenic finish.
Can I use 2 extra batteries concurrently?
Users are only able to use 1 (one) extra battery module at a time.
How do I charge my extra battery module?
The extra battery module can be charged by connecting it to your Core device.
How much added battery life does the extra battery module provide?
The extra battery module is 95mAh in size, providing over 25% additional charge.
Does the heart rate module monitor my heart rate continuously?
You can monitor your heart rate over a period or at intervals using the BLOCKS health app.
What features does the LED module have?
The LED module can be used as a flashlight (adjustable strength), a strobe light or as a notification indicator.
What does the smart button do?
The smart button can be assigned to any command on your BLOCKS device or companion smartphone. It has three possible taps to register (single tap, double tap, triple tap), which can be assigned to different commands, such as shuffle song, launch navigation app, silence companion phone and more!
What does the environmental sensor do?
With the environmental sensor, you can track temperature, humidity and air pressure to monitor localised weather changes. You can set the environmental sensor to take readings at intervals or overtime. This data can provide insight into potential for rain, rate of temperature change and on-coming humidity.
Can I track my location over time?
Yes, with the GPS module and app support (What3Words, BLOCKS Turn by Turn Navigation App), you can track your location in real-time and receive data on speed, route and direction. You can also use the GPS module to pinpoint your location and share it with your friends using the What3Words location system.
Can I wear BLOCKS on left and right hands?
Yes, you can orientate the watchface for either hand in the settings menu.
How do I charge my BLOCKS?
You can charge your BLOCKS with a 4-pin magnetic charging cable. BLOCKS will also be releasing a charging dock in the near future.
Can I use standalone straps from third parties?
Yes, the BLOCKS strap adaptor is compatible with all standard watch straps (22 mm).
Where can I find developer tools and info about BLOCKS?
Please visit our Developer page or email us.
[email protected]
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