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Open Platform

Imagine thousands of modules being made worldwide. BLOCKS has an open platform that allows developers and companies to create modules too.

Unprecedented Choice

Normally, you have to settle for features the manufacturer decides. Until now. In addition to the modules we're making, developers and companies all over the world are creating modules for you. By opening our platform, you can now choose from an unprecedented range of smartwatch features.

BLOCKS puts the choice back in your hands.

Unique Abilities

Our open platform also means that extremely specialized modules are possible. The big companies don’t bother with niche problems. With BLOCKS, developers and small companies will create the solutions - just like the App Store.

Our platform caters for every niche.

The Latest Tech

Making modules is far easier than whole devices. BLOCKS brings down the cost and effort of making new technology. This means that the latest tech will be in your hands faster than ever before.

Are you a developer? Click below and learn about creating your own modules.

Save Money

Upgrading is expensive. With BLOCKS you keep what’s good and only upgrade the piece you need to. Your bank balance will thank you.

Blocks cost diagram

Save The planet

Old devices are filling up the world's landfills (not to mention your desk drawer). Our modular design means nobody will throw out an entire device again.