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Our Story

Born and bred in London, England, BLOCKS has been in development since November 2013. Our team is made up of experts in Product Design, Hardware and Software, who are all working together to bring the best smartwatch in the world to your wrists. Tune in to #chooseblocks to find out more.

Our Partners

We’ve been working with Compal Electronics in Taiwan for the last year. Compal are among the largest and most reliable manufacturers in the world and the fifth largest manufacturer of consumer electronics. They are behind the production of a lot of the smartphones, tablets and smartwatches that you already use. We also have an extensive list of other partners who are working with us to bring the best smartwatch on the planet to your wrist.

Blocks Ambassadors

At BLOCKS, community engagement is at the centre of what we do. We have a dedicated society of Ambassadors that we keep close contact with to discuss their ideas and insights. They help us foster continuous improvement of modular technology and support the establishment of the BLOCKS community worldwide. Being an Ambassador is more than being a supporter of BLOCKS - it means you want to challenge the status quo in technology.

If you support our ambition to revolutionize the technology cycle through modular engineering and share our vision for the potential of modular wearables to empower users in all areas of life, we’d love to hear from you.

To learn more about joining the BLOCKS global ambassador society, please complete the form below and we’ll send you some additional information.

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